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How often should I see a Chiropractor?

That’s a pretty loaded question, but one that many people ask if it hasn’t been successfully communicated yet. The truth is that the frequency of visits recommended is largely dependent upon the current health state of the individual seeking care. Contrary to popular belief however, health is not just the absence of disease or symptoms… Many “healthy feeling” people are surprised to find out that they have been living with structural shifts in their spine that are affecting their nervous system, and even more surprised when an x ray shows how long those shifts have been in place. So clearly the state of health isn’t just about how you feel, even though of course it is usually

preferable to us to feel we have high energy and no pain!

So, the reason it is often recommended to see a Chiropractor multiple times a week when starting often has to do with the underlying challenges that people didn’t even realize they were dealing with. If you waited 25 years before you saw your first dentist do you think he/she would have some work to do? I don’t care how well you think you take care of your teeth, that dentist would have some procedures to recommend. It’s the same case with our spine, only we don’t have the advantage of being able to see it when we smile in the mirror…If that were the case everyone would be seeing a Chiropractor already! Most people wait until their back starts hurting to see someone… Would you wait till your teeth hurt to take care of them? Not the best strategy for your dental health.

Multiple adjustments a week early on can also be crucial to building momentum toward a healthy spine and nervous system. Anyone who has started a workout routine knows that getting over the initial hump of severe soreness, laziness, lack of time, and/or other excuses that could keep you away from reaching your goals are overcome by momentum! Repeatedly going to the gym even though it may be difficult is the key to success and making it a lifestyle habit that is enjoyable. A Chiropractic visit is much less effort than going to the gym, but the principle still applies that repetition is what creates the lasting change that transforms lives!

-Dr. Jacob Long, DC

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