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Chiropractic for Kids?

It is all about Brain Development.

According to a study by Dr. G. Gutman, MD involving over 1,000 infants, approximately 80% had sustained some form of nerve dysfunction.

-G. Gutman.1987.blocked atlantial nerve syndrome in infants and small children.

80%! That is way too many children beginning life at a disadvantage… Nerve dysfunction is often caused by structural shifts in the spine and as the study showed us, they can be present at birth. A Chiropractor's main focus is locating, analyzing, and correcting these areas of structural shifts to allow the nervous system to function optimally! A fully functioning nervous system is a great thing for everyone, from infants to our most elderly population, and is especially important early in life to create optimal function during the growth and development stages!

Every child should be checked for structural shifts in the spine, and it is my personal mission to see that become a reality!

-Dr. Jake

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